Harvesters exists to share the gospel and love of Christ around the globe. Among our partners, evangelism takes place in many forms. In many of the countries in which we work, there are high illiteracy rates, so chronological storytelling is the predominant way of sharing the gospel. Some of the people groups do not have written scriptures in their own language and still others have to walk many miles to get to a place of meeting, which may be under a tree or in a secluded room in someone’s home.

Evangelistic campaigns and community conferences frequently attract hundreds of people eager to hear the Gospel. Our partners are not just interested in raised hands and altar calls. Relationships and small group discipleship are vital to the spiritual development of those who make decisions to become Christians.

Church-planting is an extension of our partners’ evangelistic efforts. Our partner pastors and evangelists often have multiple preaching points that they visit to train, encourage, and shepherd church communities. Our partners are totally sold out for the Lord and put their lives and personal comforts on the line each and every day to share with those who may never have heard and to plant and water seeds of the truth to a lost and dying world.

Harvesters offers you the opportunity to provide financial support to these hard-working servants as they bring the Gospel into new areas, often in difficult circumstances. This allows them the economic freedom to focus on the difficult day-in and day-out work of the ministry without the worry of how to provide for their families. Our goal is always that these new churches become self-supporting through the giving of their members, including providing financially for their pastor and staff.