Cyclone Devastates Myanmar

Friday morning, May 2, 2008, looked like any other day in Myanmar, but by 6 P.M. a category 3 cyclone had made landfall on the southern tip of Myanmar and by 6 A.M. on May 3rd it had reached the capital city of Yangon, leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

More than 22,000 people have lost their lives, most of whom never heard the Gospel message. There are still more than 40,000 reported missing and food and water are in short supply.

God opened the door to Myanmar for Harvesters when three Board members visited Myanmar this year and met a young pastor whose ministry is centered outside Yangon. He has reported the needs first-hand and his churches and orphanage have been completely destroyed.

Pleases pray for the safety and health of the Burmese people during this difficult time. Also pray that the military government will look past their paranoia of western influence and allow aid to be distributed to those in need.

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