Christian Love in a Dark Place

BAPTISM_womanLiving in the United States, we are very spoiled and sometimes overlook what a blessing it is to be able to worship as we choose and to be able to decide what we want to believe. In many parts of the world this is not the norm. Myanmar is one of those places. Those who are not following Buddhism are often outcast. As 2009 starts, there are stories of Muslim migrants from Myanmar who were seeking asylum in Thailand. These people were convicted in Thailand and imprisoned. When they were told that they would most likely be sent back to Myanmar after serving their prison sentence some requested to be killed rather than sent back as they claimed that the military junta hated them and had taken their land and food and that there was no “safe” place for them to go.

“Pastor Benjamin” is sharing the love of the Lord not only in word, but also in deed to those who live in darkness and fear. The majority of his outreach to date has been among the Buddhist people, however, after the Bible School students spend a two-year internship with him, they are heading out to the more remote areas of the country where different beliefs prevail. In a recent report he shared that he could see more people hungering for the Word and that many had made professions of faith and been baptized.

Church_rebuild_2009We are also offering praises that the government has granted the permits necessary to start the rebuilding of the church. We pray that the work will be done before the rainy season begins. So far the Lord’s people have provided for the downstairs meeting area and the foundation has already been poured. We are praying that funds will soon be provided for the second floor living space for the pastor and his wife so that people who are in need will be able to easily find them as their current domicile is at the orphanage which is several kilometers from the church site.

“Pastor Benjamin” continues to show a rare blend of compassion, love, stewardship and teaching abilities to the people of Myanmar. We are blessed to have him as a ministry partner and we pray for the spiritual growth and safety of the believers in Myanmar.

“By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35