Asian Update

Our Asian partners have been busy sharing the Gospel in some very dark places and creating a vision for each of their ministries – here are some highlights.

GSSK – India

  • Currently have 2 Christian schools reaching about 240 young people
  • New seniors ministry
  • Continued outreach to plant and encourage house churches
  • Vision to start a technical school for 8th grade graduates
  • Vision to have their own school bus to keep the children safe on the roads
  • Vision for an 8 room school to enlarge outreach to more students and offer better education.

CYSC – India

  • Currently discipling young people through a variety of programs and outreaches
  • Widows ministry offers prayer, socialization and meals
  • Medical ministry reaches about 60 per day
  • Cooperative ministry with about 60 churches to share the Gospel together
  • Large library, computer center and sewing center
  • Vision to be able to house the widows
  • Vision to have a full-time doctor and available medicine at the clinic


  • Currently church planting throughout northeastern Pakistan
  • Building a new church complex
  • Vision to have a guest house/conference center
  • Vision to have a 3-wheeled taxi service to offset ministry expenses


  • Currently have 80 orphans in homes
  • Have students in Bible college
  • Have a pig farm to help to offset the orphanage costs
  • Conduct many outreaches locally and into different states – April will be a large outreach for the Water Festival
  • Vision to start a Bible College – dedication to be June of this year
  • Vision to have a small rice paddy – 10 acres to help to feed the orphans and Bible School students.

Where there is no vision the people perish – as you can see there is no impending death for the ministries of our Asian partners. They have great vision, resourcefulness, compassion and dedication.